Energetic Waistbeads

Abundance | Joy | Prosperity



Genuine Gemstones | Gold filled clasp | Gold filled accent beads | Swarovski Crystals | Chinese crystals | High Quality seed beads |Wire guard | Non tarnish extension chain | Pewter Charm (optional)

Please include your waist measurements


CITRINE is a powerful cleanser and regenerator that carries the energy of the sun.  It is warming, energizing and highly useful for creativity.  This is a stone of manifestation, attracting wealth, prosperity, success and all things good.  Citrine is a happy, generous stone that encourages sharing.   It can also cleanse the chakras.

Psychologically Citrine raises self-esteem, self-confidence and removes destructive tendencies.  It enhances individuality, improves motivation and self-expression.

Mentally it improves concentration and revitalizes the mind.  Citrine promotes inner calms. It helps digest information in order to analyze situations while steering them in a positive direction.

Emotionally Citrine raises the joy in life and releases negative, useless traits.  This crystal assists in moving into the flow of feelings to become emotionally balanced.

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